Securing the value of your hotel in crisis.
We are your experts.

Whether you want to secure the value of your hotel in times of crisis, sell, lease or reposition a hotel: Each of these projects requires a bundle of decisions to maximise your return. As industry professionals, we accompany you on this journey so that together we realise the potential that lies in your hotel property or project. For over 35 years, we have been an experienced and reliable partner in working with private investors, banks, investment companies, institutional investors and hotel operators.

Valuation and positioning

We speak the language of the industry. We commit ourselves to you by neutrally valuing, analysing and by conducting negotiations to your advantage. In doing so, you benefit from our close, personal connections to decision-makers in the hotel industry and the financial markets.

We prepare independent market and location analyses as well as strategic hotel concepts for new construction projects and existing properties. We analyse and evaluate both individual hotels and hotel portfolios from an economic point of view. Operational strengths and weaknesses are analysed and redevelopment plans are established to exploit future potential. In the process, the investment volume is also determined and a neutral profitability forecast and a value assessment for your hotel are developed.

The optimisation of existing lease agreements is also one of our core competences.

Transaction consulting and operator selection

We ensure the successful sale or lease of your hotel, even in times of crisis. We advise you on all hotel-specific issues in the course of the transaction.

An operator capable of refinancing is a prerequisite for the successful financing of a hotel project or repositioning. We accompany our clients from strategic planning to successful sale or lease. If required, we also ensure the repositioning of a hotel on the market.

Capital requirements and financing

The financing of a hotel property requires sound market knowledge, experience and a discreet approach. Often there are financing gaps, as on the one hand the banking market is shrinking and on the other hand equity requirements are increasing. We prepare the optimal way for you to close the financing gap and to structure the financing. As owner-managed and independent hotel and financing experts, our core competencies include the selection of refinanceable operators as well as the optimal structuring of necessary final and/or interim financing funds.

The structuring and procurement of individually tailored investments for hotel developments and existing properties as well as the procurement of potential end investors are part of our field of work.

Our connections to hotel-oriented financial and insurance institutions as well as to mezzanine lenders, which have grown over 35 years, are the basis for structuring your hotel financing.

Inventory valuation

With tailor-made solutions, we support you as neutral experts in bringing transparency to all questions concerning the inventory of your hotel. In the context of transactions and leases or an insolvency of the operating company, there is often a lack of precise delineation and allocation of the FF&E. Essential parts of the inventory are often not or not sufficiently recorded. As independent experts, we can carry out a complete recording and cataloguing of the inventory. In addition, we can also neutrally determine the current value of the existing inventory.

Interim management

With the help of our interdisciplinary team and our hotel partners, we actively intervene in the operational business: For restructuring and turnaround, we take over the management of a hotel for a limited period of time until it is finally leased or sold. The economic basis is secured and the value of the property is increased.

The primary goal is always to maintain and reposition the business, to introduce structures and management instruments according to the standards of the industry and thus to increase the earning value. In the process, the causes of an operational imbalance are identified and strategies are developed as to whether and how the hotel can survive in the market in the future in order to generate a solid debt service in the long term.