In den vergangenen 35 Jahren haben sich Volz & Partner zu einer der führenden unabhängigen Experten für Hotellerie und Gastronomie im deutschsprachigen Raum entwickelt. Wir sind bekannt für versierte Beratung und unkomplizierte Betreuung.

Feasibility Studies and Analyses

When will we hear from you?

Do you have a property? Or an idea? Or an investment project? - Then we would love to hear about it. Because in the hospitality and tourism industry, economic success is founded on lively and distinctive ideas. Your suggestions, wishes and vision therefore form the basis of our work.

Have you thought of everything?

In the next stage, we check how watertight your plan is. To do so, we carry out various assessments: We analyse the supply and demand potential of your property's location. We will cast light on competition in the area. We consider your project in the light of global trends, which often hold the key to successful market orientation. All so you can be confident in your decision to implement your ideas and vision.

We shape your ideas.

Regardless of whether you want to build, invest, restore or reposition: Each of these projects requires a number of decisions to maximise your return. We support you on this path. As industry professionals with over 30 years of experience, we support you in the development of the detailed concept. We give you clear plans and solid facts for all tasks. So that together we can realise the potential of your property or ideas.

Operator Selection

Confident Decisions for long-term success.

When selecting an opeartor, the aim is to create the foundations of a sustainable, profitable operation of your hotel. We speak the language of the industry. This not only saves you time, but also gives a high level of certainty to your decisions. We are the link between international, regional or private hotel companies, as the operator, and the owner or investor.

The leasing of your hotel to an operator requires sound market knowledge, experience and a discrete approach. As hotel experts, we are committed to you, meaning we will lead the negotiations to your benefit and utilise personal connections with the decision makers in the hospitality industry. In doing so, we not only take on selecting and approaching suitable hotel operators in line with the market, but also lead the contract negotiations for or with you until an operating agreement is concluded.

Financing and Investments

Ensure the financing of your hospitality project

The financing of special property hotels or gastronomy requires sound market knowledge, experience and a discrete approach. Often there are gaps in financing, on the one hand the bank market is shrinking and, on the other hand, capital requirements are increasing. We provide you with the optimal method to close the funding gap and structure the financing.

As owner-managed and independent hotel and finance experts, our core competencies include the selection of eligible operators and the optimal structuring of necessary end and/or intermediate financing. The structuring and procurement of individually tailored investments in hospitality development and investment properties as well as the mediation of potential end investors also form part of our field of work.

So we support, for example, a select number of institutional investors and family offices who participate with equity in hotel development projects. Our focus is on investments in the order of 5 million euros.

Assistant Management

Increasing profitability.

We step into operations at the right point and pre-emptively, to give that creative impulse and to develop new ideas together. Market positioning is optimised and established, the profitability of the business increased.

In doing so, we do not just decode the figures and assess the hardware of your operation. It is actually the service to customers which is the deciding factor in success. Important questions often remain unanswered: Why do guests return? And what makes them go elsewhere?

Our team of experts will analyse the services offered using employee interviews, guest surveys or mystery tests. The strengths and weaknesses of the business are shown neutrally. Specific guidance is developed for optimisation and implemented together.

Transaction Consultancy

Tailored solutions.

Selling a hotel or leasing it to a new operator presents complex challenges and requires solid market knowledge. As hospitality experts with over 30 years of experience, we can help you bring transparency to all questions regarding the hotel property.

We support you in the targeted search for suitable investors and hotel operators. Our neutral expertise is an important key to finance your project. We independently check the hotel property or the project for sustainability and analyse the supply and demand potential of the property location.

To assure the financing of a project, we develop a neutral economic feasibility study built on our market and location analysis. And if necessary, we step into the active operation with the help of our expert team, in order to create a solid basis for increasing the value of your hotel property.

We support you throughout, from the strategic planning of eligible concepts through to the successful realisation of your hotel transaction.

Hotel and gastronomy development for municipalities


Current developments show that, especially in medium-sized and small towns, older, mostly family-run hotel and restaurant businesses, which traditionally form the backbone of the local infrastructure, are increasingly disappearing from the market.

This is often not related to declining visitor numbers at the locations, but to the changed demand behavior of potential guests. Profiled, themed and target group-oriented hotels with a modern standard are given preference. Such a standard is offered primarily by the well-known hotel chains, but also by dedicated and professional private hotel companies. Older individual and individually managed private hotels have to make considerable efforts to keep up with developments or they will be increasingly squeezed out of the market.

There is also considerable untapped potential in the catering facilities of many municipalities. Businesses such as city halls, event centers, historic buildings or council cellars are in many cases operated uneconomically, are run down due to frequent changes of tenants and are no real flagship for a city.

With our 35 years of experience, we offer districts, cities and municipalities viable solutions for the development of new hotel capacities or sustainable gastronomic concepts and successfully procure tenants and investors.

Executive Search


Personnel decisions play a major role in the hotel, catering and tourism industries. According to the often urgent need for employees, we help our clients with great experience to fill important positions in a qualified way. We concretize personnel profiles for you, search confidentially and make a pre-selection. So that you also get the right solution in personnel matters.